Evo-Bootcamp – America’s Only 101% Money Back Guaranteed Fat Loss Bootcamp!

Hello Shreveport and Bossier City!

Are you looking to get lean and tone while working out, but can’t find an open boot camp? Or have you had your fill of the super strict, intimidating atmosphere? Or is being outside in the Louisiana rain not your thing? If that’s true for you, then read on . . .

If you’re anything like me, the regular grind of ‘wake up, eat, go to gym, eat chicken + broccoli, repeat ad naseum…’ is starting to get old . . .

And with 2016 sneaking up, if you haven’t stuck 100% to your slim-down diet plan as well as you’d’ve liked . . .

Then I’ve got your Faster Fat Loss Solution!

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

  • Consistent Class times (Shreveport – Tues/Thurs/Sat @ 7:05/7:05/8:10a ; Cumberland – M/T/W/R/F/S @ 6:30am ; White Plains – M/T/W/R/F/S @ 6:05am
  • Never boring, always changing workouts
  • Challenges for ALL fitness levels, from off the couch to on the field – all movements can be scaled up for the experienced and modified if you’re new to the program
  • A fun, friendly atmosphereno intimidation, no disrespect
  • Discounts Galore!!! – Applicants who are accepted into the Evo-Bootcamp® program before Nov 3rd @ 11:59pm CST get 40% off! And members of Element Fitness in Shreveport, La, get an additional 10% off that!
  • Never go thirsty – your water is ALWAYS cold and ALWAYS provided
  • A (literal) ton of free bonuses!
  • Bi-weekly scale and body fat tracking, plus MONTHLY Body Diagnostic® work to check weight, fat %, inches lost on arms and around the tummy, PLUS progress pics and updates to the Evolution App so you can show off to your friends [yes, there’s an app for that]

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So Does It Work?!?!

You tell me – here’s the Results pics for just a few clients from Evolution Personal Training in Shreveport, La – I use the same formula for that programming as is used in the Boot Camp format.

Fat Loss Results Guaranteed Shreveport Bossier

















And check this!

Emily BC Site Primary

Rochelle BC Site Primary

To see more results pictures for your boot camp in Shreveport, La – Click RESULTS

So What’s the Catch?!?!

There’s actually a few:

  • I have time-in commitments – six months or 12 (24+ options available by invitation only) – we both know the body you’re in right now didn’t get where it’s at in a day, and we can’t get it where you want it in one, either. Because of that, it’d be irresponsible, not to mention unethical, to have you coming in once a week for a month and still promise ‘fast, permanent fat loss’ when what you’d expect from a program with no commitment is joint injury and burnout
  • Accountability – you 100% MUST turn in a food journal and scale weight EVERY SINGLE WEEK, NO EXCEPTIONS. I give you the tools to make that super easy [that’s an actual quote from one of my personal training clients of 3+ years – and she has two jobs, three children, and multiple joint injuries, and PCOS, so nothing is ‘easy’]. You also get monthly weigh-ins, body fat testing, and progress pics – all tracked through an industry-exclusive piece of tech
  • I absolutely can NOT have anyone videoing any of our workouts. If you’re interested in observing one, you’re free to set up a date/time for your no obligation intro session, but the workouts, the method of programming and even the verbal and physical coaching the group gets is custom-built and proprietary. It’s what’s kept me in the fitness business since 2004, so it’s not info I can just give away to the whole internet
  • Also, I allow ZERO bad attitudes in the sessions. period. If you’re already at what you’d consider a great physique but want to be negative to someone you feel isn’t? Then this ain’t the place for you. And if you don’t like sharing a class with people who’ve already achieved what you’re looking for, then the same goes for you. We should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. just come in with a little bit of energy, and I GUARANTEE everyone gets a positive, insane workout!

Is there a Guarantee? No One Guarantees Fat Loss!

Actually, ONE service in the COUNTRY provides a 101% money back guarantee on both your fat loss and your happiness with your choice – Evo-Bootcamps, a service of Evolution Personal Training!

What does this boot camp runner / personal trainer mean when he says “guaranteed?”


I'm totally serious, about your results, and about the jeans.


101% Money Back Guarantee

For ANY REASON, whether it be how I style my hair, the clothes I wear to your boot camp workouts, or the fact you just don’t like the program, you get 101% of your money back in the first 30 days.  That covers your program, plus puts a dent in that “you’re stingy” feeling some people get from only getting all their money back.

If I’m not getting you the results you deserve; if your workouts, done-for-you diets and total lifestyle coaching is not moving you closer to living the life you want; that means I’m failing you.  And I can’t have that on my conscience.  So, you’ve got 30 days to try out the program at absolutely zero risk.   (This also allows me to make sure you’re going to be a good fit for my program, as I don’t and can’t take all applicants.  I mean, I spend my life in the gym – I plan to make that time as fun as heck, for myself AND my clients!)

fat loss guarantee


So How Do I Sign Up?!

GREAT OPTION – Give me a call today – 1-888-706-7473 – that’s the HQ for Evolution group – EVO-Bootcamp® (national office), Evolution Personal Training® (local – Shreveport, La) and EVO-Kickboxing® (national office).

GOOD OPTION – you can email cody@evo-bootcamps.com right now to reserve your spot in the next EVO intro session!

BEST OPTION – scroll down just an inch or two and enter your info on the web form at the bottom, and you’ll be getting a call from Cody in about 24 hours!

Just don’t wait – all spots are filling up very quickly, we can only take the next 12 7 applicants who make it in!

Call 1-888-706-7473 | cody@evolution-fts.com